Think about home and the first thing that comes to mind is; comfort. These days people use a variety of appliances and devices at their place to automate various work. most of these devices and appliances are used and controlled with switches that are managed manually. But what if one could handle everything with their smartphones or smartwatches? Well, it is not a fairytale anymore. With smart technologies coming to the residential scenes, homes are made much more advanced and connected at every level.

What is a smart home?

One of the major technology audio visual company in Malaysia, that bringing new waves to the market is the internet of things. With IoT, the way the businesses are operating and the way devices function has changed considerably. In laymen’s terms, the internet of things used the internet to connect various devices. Today most of the devices used by people are internet of things enable devices

When these devices become the core of one’s place, that home is called a smart home. From the security system to the kitchen appliances these days are connected through apps and the internet. One can control these appliances and systems of the house with the help of their smartphones link at and tablets.

Smart assistants

One of the biggest parts of the smart homes is personal smart assistants. Every phones and platform have their assistants. Now with technology, these assistants come in the form of speakers, that can be kept in one’s home.

These personal assistants can be used for controlling the functions and appliances of the house in a smart home. One can simply give a command to the assistant and the task will be completed without much effort.

Smart devices

Today most of the appliances ranging from fridge to oven to air conditioning systems, are smart. these days the devices are intelligent to avoid resource wastage. For example, the air conditioning system can switch off automatically if there is no activity sensed in a room for too long, or the fridge can tell if there is any milk with the help of camera sensors. 

Also, automation has become a big part of smart homes, as the devices work with each other seamlessly. In automation, the devices interact with each other and perform in conjunction.


Another big aspect of smart homes is the use of various applications. Smart devices can be controlled and handled using the applications that are solely designed for that particular appliance. For example, one can switch on or off the air con with the help of an app or can power up or down smart lights with the application installed on the phone.


One of the biggest prevalent factors that are required in a smart home, is the internet. Without constant internet connectivity, it can be difficult to control the devices of the smart home. Smartphones need to be well connected with the help of applications to give commands to the devices remotely. 

Smart homes are without any doubt the most current trend, and most of the new homeowners are trying to add some of the other element to the place. Smart devices can make daily work easier, entertainment more vivid and can keep tight control over the energy and other bills. 

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