Recreational fishing is also called sports fishing, it is a recreational activity done for pleasure or just for fun. Fishing is something that brings peace and relaxation to our mind, it can be also done competitively for profit, and there are millions of people world wide rely on fishing for their ends meat. Competitive fishing is conducted as a sport in many places where expert fishermen from 9คลับ around the world in a tournament . The winner is adjudged based on the most number of fishes caught in the given period of time.

Fishing enthusiasts from all over the world wait the whole year just to compete in on of these tournaments, just for a chance to showcase their skills to the world and to put their fishing skills to a different use. Sports fishing requires Ninja like stealth, the steadiness of a surgeon and the upper body strength of an amateur body builder, because although fishing may seem like an easy and fun thing to do, in reality it requires a lot of patience and endurance.


Most people aren’t patient enough to wait for a fish to take the bait , but these fishermen have mastered all skills necessary to catch a huge Tuna fish or a catfish and once the fish has taken the bait , it requires a huge amount of upper body strength in order to pull the fish from the depths of a lake or a river to the surface. Most fishermen use the technique of tiring the fish out before pulling it up just to make the job easier to do. Fishing is most commonly done using rod, reel, line or hooks and with the help of any one of the widely available baits.

The most commonly used baits are earthworms and fish bits, they are placed on the hook to allure fishes and once the unsuspecting fish gets stuck to the hook, it is pulled up by the fisher. A buoyant object is used to indicate a fish taking the bait, as the buoyant object submerges under water when a fish takes the bait. Another method is using terminal tackle to improve or compliment the presentation of the bait so that more fishes get attracted to it.

The process of catching or attempting to catch a fish by hook is known as angling and it is a common term used by most fishermen from around the globe. In the past the fishermen almost always killed their catches before bringing them to shore even if they didn’t eat them, But now in order to preserve recreational fishing the fishermen are advised not to kill the fishes and to release them back into the water source.




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