Even if you feel travel is the only thing which you are made for and keep on travelling from one place to another, there will be a time when you will feel that it is time to take some rest because either your body is losing the strength of hanging on, or you just want to relax on your own 9คลับ bed for a while. So what do you do in the time you are home and not travelling?

Get inspired

When you are at home, this is the time you can give to yourself in preparing your next trip. If you are planning to climb the Everest on your next trip, you will need a great amount of motivation and preparation to become capable of completing your dream. Get inspired by books, movies, TV Shoes, and documentaries. Keep your mind running during this time to create something new for yourself. Be open to learning from different sources, so that when you start your next trip, http://www.9club6.com/th/ ,you are ready.

Decorate your room

This is the time that you have in your own room before you leave for a long journey again. But have you noticed that when you come back, you do not have a welcoming room which you can feel excited about? If no, then start from this break and decorate your room. Print out pictures of your previous travels, right happy things, and arrange the collectibles around the room to make it your treasure den. Next time when you will come back to your home, you will have a warm and fulfilling room for ready to welcome you open arms.

Write a journal

Or an entire book. You have travelled the world, which means that you have enough experience to pen it down so people can feel what you felt. You can write it down in poems, stories, or blogs so that people can read it and relate to you. Having a blog as such will help you to share your feelings with others as well as creating a diary for you that you can cherish when you grow old.

Join travel communities

When you are back home, you can meet other local travelers who are also back home at the same time. This can make you get indulged with your kind of people with whom you can share your experiences or probably plan your next trip. Joining these communities will only inspire you to go forward and travel even more. It will also make you some like minded friends who share the same dreams as you do.

Explore your city

Have you ever had this thought before that maybe you have left your own city unexplored to a great extent? Maybe there are a lot of places and streets which you haven’t been to. You can go out to try some street food or visit an old antique shop to see if you find something you like.


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